• Studied at HEC Montreal University Business School, and at Coaching de Gestion School. She obtained her executive coaching certification from the International Coach Federation.

  • Certified counselling and personal approach therapist in Canada.

  • Certified as an Applied Neuroscience Practitioner and Neurofeedback.

  • Board member of Hugs & Smiles Children's Foundation.


Respected speaker, who gives conferences to the corporate management team on the behavioral leadership topics.


Published author of the best selling book End Your Self-Sabotage:  8 Deadly Patterns Preventing You from Leading the Life You Want.

Originally published as Démystifier votre imposteur: Les 8 saboteurs qui vous empêchent d’avoir la vie que vous voulez, Les Éditions Québec-Livres


SOS Love: 5 Realities of Online Dependence.

  • Optimizing business success and profitability in a context of change through human capital management.

  • Supporting my clients in reaching their personal and/or professional goals, and in achieving their full potential.



  • Providing entrepreneurs, management teams, and startup NÜ leaders high leadership ROI coaching, competencies development with innovative tools, and tailored virtual training programs.


  • We reach B2B and B2C audiences.


Think outside of the box with “Change is Choice Program” and Master Coaching Classes.


With high demands due to pandemic on stress management, we provide QI Brain Stress on the Move Program for teams, groups, and for individuals.

Three Sisters



  • Empathy

  • Innovation

  • Teamwork

  • Commitment to customers

  • Trust 

  • Integrity

  • Passion

Floating Flowers