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Winter Scenery
  • How does your anxiety reflect on, or impact, your co-workers and employees?

  • How will you reduce / manage anxiety to improve performance?

  • How do you guide your employees through this period of anxiety and uncertainty?

  • What is the impact on operations of not managing employee stress and anxiety?

 Young Woman Contemplating

What is the impact of stress /anxiety on your wellbeing? What are your red flags?

6 SESSION – 3 Hour/Session - Group of Max 10 Participants

Week 1

  • Getting to know your anxiety

  • Building self-awareness

  • Triggers

Week 2

  • Reconsidering your lifestyle habits

  • Adopting a problem solving method

  • Anxiety reduction techniques

Week 3

  • Avoidance and exposure

  • Acceptance and committed action

  • Maintenance factors

Week 4

  • Seeing things differently

  • Managing your emotions

  • Challenge irrational thinking

Week 5

  • Influences interpersonal relationships

  • Recognizing and consolidate new skills

  • Co workers / employees/family

Week 6

  • Condensed overview

  • Support circle

  • Performance tools coming months

  • Daily routines

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