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The Other Side  of You....

Holistic Revive Program

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My Story

After a year of dramatic change in 2014, including a new job, relationship, country, and publishing a book, I began to notice the stress level impact on my body.


Despite being under significant stress, I believed it was the good kind of stress that came with pursuing my dreams. But the sight of hormones changing and my hair falling out was jarring and sent me into a panic. I had no idea whom to turn to until a friend referred me to a specialist who helped me understand the toll stress was taking on my body, leading to one of my diagnoses of Alopecia.


Through my own journey of self-discovery, I continue to learn in my field as a business and personal coach.


I have made it my mission to help others overcome stress not only in the workplace but also to find a better balance in their lives. As a result, I now offer a range of tools and services to support those in need, including the Health Revive Challenge, which has helped countless individuals manage their stress and regain their confidence and make a drastic change in their lives.

It has been a challenging journey, but I am grateful for the lessons I have learned along the way.


My experience has taught me the importance of self-care and has made me more passionate about helping others who are struggling with similar challenges.


I am committed to empowering others to live their best lives, and I feel truly fulfilled by the work I do every day.

Certified Coach
Applied Neuroscience Practitioner
Published Author

Anti -Stress Management Tools

  • Anti-Stress Head First  Analysis 

  • Lifestyle Anti-Stress Galvanic Bio Test 

  • Anti Stress Temperature Monitor



Don't Lose Your Mind?

 Prevention tools for

  • Anxiety 

  • Lack of Sleep

  • Life Change / Challenge

  • Toxic Habits/ Toxic Relationship


The Other Side of You....

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