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Can You Trust Me?

How to enhance a high performance culture on trust in organizations.

Trust is a leading currency in today’s talent economy.

What Can Organizations Do to Create a High Trust Culture?

Here are 10 things leaders can do to build a culture of trust: 1. View employees as “volunteers.” Volunteers need to be engaged by the organization’s mission or they will move on. 2. Include a measure of joy at work as an important snap-shot of your culture. Which division/location is most joyful? Which is the least? 3. Run an experiment by changing one of the OXYTOCIN factors and measuring the effect on joy, innovation, customer satisfaction or productivity. Repeat with another factor. 4. Create an “Ovation” committee and have them createa weekly peer awards program. 5. Disseminate financial statements (profit, loss, debt, etc.) widely with colleagues and be sure they can understand them; consider making salaries transparent within the organization. 6. Pay new hires to leave the company if they don’t feel they fit the culture after 30 days. 7. Conduct a “stay interview” annually for all colleagues focusing on professional growth and personal development. 8. Develop and implement a weekly “feedforward” performance goal setting and review check-in system. 9. Celebrate colleagues at every level who have contributed to the achievement of team and organizational goals. 10. Invest in programs that develop professional, personal and emotional goals including education subsidies, volunteering and appropriate work-life integration.

Outcomes- increase EngagementJoy at Work

Job Satisfaction Productivity Job Retention

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