«Change is Choice»

Do you set your standards and standings up for your beliefs? Can you leave your past behind? Between you and me, you can't change a thing there. Do you break the cycle of wanting-but-not getting and going nowhere? What about embracing your mistakes? They give you the kick to start over.  What about moving from «what might have been» to «what can be».

Making a change is a choice. It takes courage to make life happen now! Realize a dream, pursue a loving relationship, meaningful friendship, raise responsible children, develop secure, and attain a true sense of self-worth.

It takes work.  Self-worth takes work.  Your life is the sum of everything you've said yes and no to so far.  but, your history need not be your future.  You have to ask yourself, what are you seeking in life? Ask yourself: Am I self-aware of what's going wrong in my life?

Awareness is the key. With awareness, you can make the change.  You can transform every area in your life and it all begins with your very own power of choice.

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