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Eating My Turkey Alone for Thanksgiving?


eet November as arrived.  Are you the one that says "Oh, No! The holidays are upon us once again! "How many of us spend the holidays alone?

So many reasons.  Whether because some of us cannot afford to go back to their families, or maybe because we have no home to go to.  The bottom line, we just find ourselves alone for Thanksgiving.

Do you feel sorry about yourself? Think about it, maybe it was by choice you are alone.  Depending on your situation,  maybe you will be alone for this year but not next year.  And yet, people feel the anxiety about being alone when it comes to holidays.

On the other hand, how many families during the holidays go through a time of stress? Getting together may be very stressful. Need to set up the house, shopping, cooking for 12, having a family to stay over, etc..

How about doing something different for yourself?  Go outside the box. Go outside of your comfort zone.  How about volunteer for people in need.  You are not alone. Friends and co-workers are also going to be alone for Thanksgiving.

While you are interacting with others, you do not think of being alone for the day.  Get involved with a group in organizing a dinner. On Thanksgiving day, people are needed to set up; help serve food; drive people around, and even make home deliveries.

The point is that you may decide if you want to feel guilty of being alone to feeling alone but content.

So ask yourself the question, do you really need to eat your turkey alone for Thanksgiving?

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