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Honesty Seems to Be The Hardest Word

Honesty,” says Stephen Covey, “is making your words conform to reality. Integrity is making reality conform to your words.” We won’t get far in life without it. Integrity is essential for the friendships that you have. But, it is very important for all our relationships. Jack Canfield would say «Talk is cheap» well, so true. Walk the talk. I met so many persons that could not commit to what they had planned. Make sure that you do treat and respect people when you commit.

I learned with time that you can destroy credibility faster by bailing on a commitment. If you cannot make a commitment, at least make sure to make good on it. What do you think when we talk about someone with integrity? We think of someone we can count on to come through on what they promise. Well, that’s not always the case today. How do

Do we use the word integrity? The definition of the word used to mean staying true to your word—even if it’s inconvenient «The strength of our relationships is measured by how much people can count on us » Speaker Michael Hyatt When I think about my relationship with my family, my co-workers, my friends, and my clients, I realize that if I am not true to my words, means my relationship will be unreliable.

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