In the Midst, An Opportunity


We did not see it coming.  The change happened overnight with COVID-19. Being confined, working

from home, for some not easy.  We can be days without talking to others or missing the social contact aspect. Now,  we are using multi-platform to connect with people, love ones to respect social distancing.

Our world is perhaps upside down. Maybe it was before the pandemic and we did not even notice it.

GOGOGO,  DODODO,  on the go!!!. That is how we live.  We experienced anxiety daily. The stress takes on many forms.  We want to go back to our normal routine. What will be our next normal?

Now, it is time to reassess and step back from our own scenario and say do I need to rewrite my script?

What is the meaning of my life?  What do I want to do about it?   Am I in the right relationship? Is this the right job for me? Do I take care of myself, my family, and friends? Do I take care of my finances? Do I give back to others and my community?

What about.....Deciding what's next in your life and strategize how to get it?

Take time to list everything that you want to do professionally and personally.  Make a small plan, small change, it is baby steps but it is worth it.

Don't go through life ... grow through life.

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