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Successful Event - 8 th Business Inspiring Women Conference in Washington

This year, the 8th edition of the Business Inspiring Women Conference took place in Washington D.C., from March 27th to 30th. This annual event is celebrating the commitment of many African women and the way their actions can inspire every one of us. Whatever they come from social, political, economic, or cultural spheres, these women stand out in their own way in their respective fields.

Invited to speak at a conference, the author of Démystifier votre imposteur, les 8 saboteurs qui vous empêchent d’avoir la vie que vous voulez, Liane Sangollo, President of HR-RH Vision Consulting really wanted to salute and pay tribute to woman leadership. Furthermore, she was leading a work session to pinpoint the significance of well-managed strategic planning for all African businesswomen.

Among the subjects discussed during the conference, many attending delegations had the chance to discuss the importance of businesswomen network throughout the world, identify the professional development paths they can choose, and exchange on the woman’s place in the job market.

“Being next to personalities as inspiring as Clarisse Douala Bell, Sawa Queen the Cameroun Littoral region, Dr. Kasongo Omba Isabelle, Deputy Managing Director of the Congo Control Office, or even Irene Natividad, President of the Global Summit of Women, was for me a personal and professionally rewarding experience”, basically said Liane Sangollo, following this four-day event.

Alongside the conference, businesswomen network of attending delegations was invited to participate in the 29th edition of the Global Summit of Women, to behold in May in Tokyo and the Cooperatives and Small and Medium Size Businesses Week, which will take place in Kinshasa, in September.

Everywhere in the world, businesswomen take the place they belong to and make efficient commercial relationships become a reality. They deserve all the credit for this achievement!

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