Taking a Different Road

When was the last time we actually got out of our comfort zone? Have we already experienced a moment where our hearts started to beat faster at the idea of going beyond our limits? Our limits are only in our heads, just like the borders of our world are only there because we created them. Why take a different path? Pushing back one's limits is the total opposite of comfort and simplicity. Did you know that by coming out of our comfort zone we can learn two aspects? We can get closer to our dreams by having a greater vision of all opportunities and possibilities available. In both, professional and private areas. We can get rid of our irrational fears.    How to get out of my comfort zone? We need to be moving. Let’s take action. It’s important to be doing something.

Below some suggestions: 1. Talk to a stranger in the street 2. Order something different from usual in a restaurant, 3. Cook a new dish that you would have never thought you would prepare 4. Take a different way to go to work 5. Keep your phone off an entire day 6. Take a cold shower 7. Dress in a different way, use accessories that draw attention 8. Write down three things, that are not important, on what you waste money and stop doing it 9. For 20 days get rid of one of your bad habits 10. Say yes to everything during an entire day. All of the above may seem little things, but they will stop that little voice that keeps us back each time we want to change something. In order to succeed, you need to be ready.

Share your experiences with me!

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