The QI Brain Stress Managment

About The QI Brain Stress Managment Module

Attention CEO,

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Are you short-tempered? With family, or with coworkers?

Can you deal with excessive stress in time of uncertainty?

If you said YES to any one of these questions, this training is for you!

Some of the benefits you will get from The QI Brain Stree Management Module

Learn how to say no when you can't say NO

Understand exactly what stress and pressure are and their effects

both inside and outside of the workplace, which will help you in relaunching your activities.

Learn t how to recognize the symptoms of excessive stress in yourself and others.

You will introduce powerful brain and body daily routine exercises that will make a great impact on your life!

3 hours

The Remote Workforce Module is 3 hours long


The meeting is virtual delivered via Zoom


We'll have breakout rooms, polls and more!

Nü Vision

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About Liane Sangollo, PCC,CHRP

International Strategic Executive Coach, Trainer & Applied Neuroscience Practitioner.

A published author, president of HR Vision Consulting, Liane Sangollo has more than 25 years of experience in upper management in Canada and the United States, She is an entrepreneur, strategic consultant, international executive coach, neuro trainer, and public speaker. 


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